If you are considering having a reptile as a pet, it is important that you provide a suitable home for them.

There are many reptile terrariums available for sale in the market but it is important that you know exactly what you need.

When choosing a terrarium, there are several factors that you need to consider.

They include:

  • Size– Some snakes and lizards can grow to be very large so it is very important that you buy a terrarium keeping in mind the length that the reptiles might grow to and not their current size.
  • Escape proof –It is hard to cage a reptile as most love to roam about.When choosing a terrarium, it is therefore important that you opt for one that is secure.
  • Hazardous toys- It is very important that you take good care of your pets by ensuring that the toys you buy does not cause any harm to the reptile.
  • Heating and light-Some reptiles tend to have very particular needs when it comes to heating and lighting.

Before you buy lighting and lamp for your pet, it is important that you understand the needs of the particular pet.

If you need a terrarium for land dwelling reptiles, the best option is a long terrarium to give the reptile enough room to roam about.

Marine reptiles on the hand adapt well in tall terrariums that give them enough room for occasional swimming.

When choosing a terrarium, it is also important that you have an idea of the type of substrate that you will need to use.

Substrate is the flooring that you choose for the reptile terrarium and having the right one helps the terrarium to look better and it prevents the spilled water, food, urine and feces away from the pet.

When choosing, opt for easy to clean substrate and the kind that you can easily find in the market.

How often you will need to replace it will solely depend with the size of your pet.

Now that you know what you need to start the journey of keeping a reptile as a pet, below is what we believe to be the best and most sought after reptile terrariums.

Reptile Terrarium Editor’s Rating
Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium 4.5
Kollercraft Repitat Flat Backed Reptile Habitat,5 Gallon 4.4
Exo Terra PT2607 Rainforest Habitat 4.3
Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Nano/Tail -8x8x12 inches 4.2
Dalle Craft Acrylic Reptile Terrarium Habitat, Ideal for Larvae spiders, ants, scorpions and other small reptiles 4.1
Zoo  Med Reptibreeze Screen Cage 4.0
Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat for Reptiles 3.7
Exo Terra High Glass Terrarium,36 by 18 by 36 inches 3.5
Zilla 13288 Deluxe Critter Cage with Feeding Door,40 Gallon 3.4
Zilla 28015 15 Gallon Critter Cage,24 inch by 12 inch by 12 inch 3.2
  1. Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium

reptile terrariumIf you are looking for high quality reptile terrariums, you need to consider this product.

Manufactured by European herpetologists, this is one of the most after glass terrarium because of the many features and benefits it offers:

There are many reasons why this is one of the best terrarium for sale in the market.

The Allglass Terrarium has a raised bottom frame where you can be able to put a substrate heater.

If you are wondering what a substrate is, it refers to the flooring that you choose for the reptile terrarium.

The terrarium has two doors that you can open on the front when you need to access the pet or while feeding them.

However, you might not like the fact that the foam backing can be a challenge to insert and remove when substrate is in closure.

Product Description and Specifications

Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium come in different sizes and that is why you need to be very careful when making a purchase.

This particular size measures 18x18x24 and weighs about 4.3 pounds.

Key Features

  • Front opening doors that allow easy access for feeding and maintenance.
  • The doors can be opened separately.
  • Raised bottom plate to mount a substrate heater to heat a part of the extended ground surface.
  • Dual door design that is quite convenient for routine, maintenance and feeding and it also helps to contain quick animals looking for escape while feeding.
  • The glass is crystal clear.
  • Comes with four latches on top of the tank to hold the screen top in place.
  • Comes in a design that most find to be very beautiful.
  • Has a vent under the door that runs the full length of the front door for air flow.
  • Designed lock to prevent escape.
Pro Cons
The natural background of the terrarium provides an extra climbing dimension for reptile such as cats. Cord part and diving part have a small gap in the back of the tank and small reptiles can escape through.
Full screen top ventilation that allow UVB and infrared penetration and is easy to remove when cleaning or decorating. You might experience corrosion of the wire mesh in very humid setups.
Aesthetically appealing. Foam backing can be a challenge to insert and remove when substrate is in closure.
Easy to install plants and clean out. The substrate can hold odor if the terrarium is not cleaned regularly.
The latches are easy to operate allowing ample access to the reptile. The terrarium targets a particular class of people because it is quite pricey.
Versatile and easily adaptable terrarium. The frame for the screen top is quite weak.
You can be able to access the pet from the door or the top. As much as the weight of the terrarium top helps prevent the pets from escaping, it also makes it quite difficult to transport.
The top of the terrarium is quite sturdy and breathable. The plastic feels cheap and the rear rock wall is basically just painted Styrofoam and it can be quite noisy when lizards are climbing on it.
Metal top is solid and heavy enough to keep the pet inside.
The back part of the top and rear wall has a spot embedded in them for chords to run down into the tank and the heating pad at the bottom of the tank if you need to.
No condensation issues even in humid days.

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  1. Kollercraft Repitat Flat Backed Reptile Habitat

glass terrariumThis product is best suitable for small reptiles due to the small space it offers for movement.

One of the reasons why you should consider this product when shopping for small terrariums is the fact that  it features a heavy metal top screen which ensures that the pet is secured and acrylic walls  which are lightweight.

With this terrarium, you can be able to get a 360 degree view of the pet but it still gives you an option of covering the wide wall at the back and leaves just enough UV light for your pet.

With this terrarium, you will have a good experience cleaning it as it is quite easy to.

One of the things that we did not like about this product is the fact that the acrylic tends to scratch quite easily.

Product Description and Specification

The terrarium measures 10x19x12 inches.

The product is only available under this size and it is only recommended for reptiles that are quite small.

Key Features

  • Features heavy duty metal screen top to keep pets safe and secure.
  • Constructed of crystal clear, impact resistant acrylic.
  • 5 gallon reptile habitat for small reptiles, animals and bugs.
  • Plastic aquarium.
  • Wide flat-backed design that provide ample viewing space.
  • Has a fixture for lamp.
  • Heavy metal and solid mesh make up the lid.
  • Works best with land reptiles.
[notification type=”notification_error” ]As much as this product appears as a glass terrarium on the photo, it is important to note that this is a plastic terrarium.It is also important to note that the small parts of this product can be a choking hazard for kids that are less than three years.[/notification]
Pros Cons
The lid is quite sturdy and heavy to prevent reptiles from escaping. The description says that the terrarium is 19 inches tall but it is quite shorter than that.
The price is quite affordable. The lid does not lock in place although it is quite heavy preventing small reptiles to move and escape.
Provides enough space for burrowing species. The acrylic tends to scratch very easily.
Aesthetically appealing. The manufacturer does not give a disclaimer against washing with soap as this makes the enclosure to become unclear.
It offers 360 degrees viewership of the reptiles. As much as the terrarium looks appealing, the angular shape tends to distort the inside of the tank.
The product comes with clamp lamp mounting allowing for optimal viewing. The odd shaped top makes it hard to find a LED light top.
The metal top is solid and heavy to keep the small reptiles in. Though plants are shown in the picture, they are not part of the package.
Seamless fabrication that helps to eliminate the risk of leaks associated with habitats that have glued seams.
It can fit in many areas of the house as it does not occupy much space.
You can keep a heating pad underneath to maintain the correct level of humidity.
Accessories and TOM aquarium filters are easily accessible.

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  1. Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat

chameleon cageIf you have been looking for a reptile terrarium that is both affordable and well packaged in terms of the products it comes with, you should consider Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat.

The most amazing thing about this kit is the fact that it has almost all the items that you need to start the journey of reptile keeping.

The fact that you can use it for other creatures such as amphibians makes it a versatile kit should you decide to quit on reptile pets.

However, we did not like the fact that kit is quite heavy to move around and the fact that the background is made of Styrofoam which risks being melted by the lighting system.

Product description and Specifications

This product measures 18x18x24 inches and weighs 55.7 pounds when shipping.

The kit comes with an instruction manual and other components necessary for installation and maintenance of the terrarium.

Such components include: a block of substrate for the bottom of the tank, 2 hanging plants (with suction cups), 1 ground plant with a heavy base, jungle vines and water dish and plantation soil.

Key Features

  • Ideal set-up for the beginning herpetoculturist.
  • Front door opening for easy access when feeding and maintenance.
  • Full glass terrarium.
  • The terrarium kit comes with all the necessary decoration items.
  • Unique front window installation.
  • Full metal screen for top ventilation.
  • Natural-looking rock terrarium background.
  • Compact top lighting system.
Pros Cons
The product is quite affordable bearing in mind that it comes with other necessary accessories. The 2 bulb dome it comes with is quite terrible and you might need to get an alternative.
Easy setup The instructions are tiny print so one might have to wear spectacles to read through.
Aesthetically appealing and come in a good packaging. The foam rear façade that comes with the kit leaves a large gap between itself and the top of closure and reptiles could use this as an escape route.
Adaptable for both dry and desert reptiles. As much as it comes with necessary accessories, there are other important accessories missing such as a heat source and light bulb for the compact light system.
The tank is exceptionally made without half measures in the assembly. The quality of some of the decorations is mediocre.
Nice ventilation to ensure that the reptile gets fresh air flow. The tank is quite heavy and moving it is not an easy task.
The 3D backdrop is gorgeous and because its foam, you can actually cut small holes into it and brace plants against the back wall. The background is Styrofoam and the lights might melt it.
The top screen locks securely in all the four corners and the front doors swing open separately. The thermometer and hygrometer are plastic hence not durable.
Easy access of the reptiles. The screen top is susceptible to rusting.
The substrate is easy to prepare. It is not easy to clean the tank when you need to do a full cleaning.
  The hood does not hold light bulbs above 25 watts yet most heating bulbs are at least 60watts.

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  1. Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium 

snake terrariumMaybe you do not like having a large reptile for a pet and as much as you wish to have a small reptile, you are wondering if you can get a small terrarium for it.

If you wish to have a small pet, this product makes the cut as it is designed to host small reptiles.

The best thing about it is that it is quite small so you can keep it on your office desk or take it along as you travel depending with the regulations in your country.

The kit is also in a design that is very aesthetically appealing and you could even make it a center piece in your office or home.

Another good thing worth talking about is the fact that you can be able to view your pet very clearly as the glass is crystal clear.

However, it is important that you ascertain the exact size of the reptile that you wish to keep to avoid disappointments.

It is important to note that the kit is quite expensive compared to most regular terrariums so ensure that you get the right reptile for it because the cost of return shipping is just as costly as buying the product.

Product description and specifications

Exo Terra glass natural terrarium Nano measures 8x8x12 and weighs 7.4 pounds.

The kit comes with necessary decoration items such as water dishes, waterfalls and heat wave rocks.

Key Features

  • Dual door front opening doors allowing easy access for feeding and misting.
  • A specially designed lock to prevent opening of the door by the pets or children.
  • The top has inbuilt closable inlets on both sides to securely run wires and tubing inside the terrarium.
  • Full screen top to allow infrared penetration and UVB.
  • Raised bottom frame.
  • Enlarged ground surface.
  • Natural looking rock background.
  • Removable screen top for easy access when decorating or cleaning.
  • Waterproof base that holds about 2 inches of substrate.
  • Amazing packaging for shipping.
Pros Cons
The product is sturdy and hefty because of the glass. The product is quite poor at holding humidity.
It has two entrances making it easier to access the pets. The background of the kit appears cheap due to the dots that are spaced all over the imitation rock.
Offers an optimal viewing of the reptiles. It is small compared to the picture provided by the manufacturer.
The kit is well ventilated. Hard to find a heat light that will not melt the top plastic lid.
It can easily hold decorations and other foliage in addition to the pets dwelling in it. If you use an exo Terra Nano light top, even with a really wattage light, it gets really warm in the terrarium.
The kit is offered at a reasonable cost. The area visible beneath the latch bar in front is very small making it not suitable for any kind of dual water/air environment.
Comes with a great removable piece of foam in the back that is painted to look natural. The price is quite on the higher side considering the size.However, the quality of the kit justifies the expense.
The foam makes it easy to stick plants or decorations into it and has room behind it to run wires without disturbing the natural appearance of the terrarium. The topper in the picture is not included.There is no warranty for this product yet it quite expensive.
It is easy to clean and maintain.  
Aesthetically appealing.  
It is convenient such that it can also be used by kids.  

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  1. Dalle Craft Acrylic Reptile Terrarium Habitat

reptile tankIf you are starting out on the journey of reptile keeping, you are probably wondering which terrarium will work best for your reptile.

Before you buy a terrarium, the first thing that you ought to do is check out its measurements to ascertain if it will serve the right purpose.

Although not so many people seem to know about this product, Dalle craft is a good terrarium that you can use to host small reptiles.

When buying, keep in mind that the product is acrylic and not glass as commonly used in other terrarium.

Acrylic tends to be the best transparent high polymer material and can deliver up to 92% light transmission rate which is higher than that of glass.

One of the things that you will probably love about this terrarium is the fact that it has breathing holes on all sides and it is quite durable.

However, you might not like the fact that it is quite small and the air slots are very narrow.

Make sure that you peel the protective film on each side before you start using the product.

To care for the acrylic terrarium, avoid using gritty clothes, household cleaners, scouring pads and abrasive compound.

Ensure that you invest in a good terrarium cleaner.

Product description and specifications

The product measures 4.1×3.4×2.4 and weighs 2.9 ounces.

Key Features

  • Completely transparent.
  • Super multi-vent.
  • Comes already assembled for use.
Pros Cons
Aesthetically appealing. The air slots are pretty narrow.
The lid has a small magnet which is quite beautiful. The terrarium is quite small.
Easy to clean. Poor packaging.
The top slides on and off very easily.  
Has breathing holes all around.  
Can be used as transportation for small pet.  
Convenient for ventilation and easy to observe the behaviors of the reptiles.  

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  1. Zoo Med Reptibreeze Screen Cage

reptile enclosuresBearing in mind that there are many reptile terrariums available in the market today, making a good choice of what to buy means that you have to sample quite a number of them.

The fact that you will need to buy the products online, having a good idea of what to expect in a terrarium will help you make a better decision and also help you cut down on costs.

Zoo med Reptibreeze is one of the best snake cage in the market because of the many favorable features it offers to reptile pet owners.

One of the things that we admired about this cage is the fact that it is corrosion resistant and tends to be quite roomy for docile reptiles.

However, we did not like that the manufacturer does not pay good attention to the packaging of the product.

Another thing we found unpleasant with this cage is the netting because it is quite fragile.

Avoiding placing the cage somewhere that the cat can reach for because it might tear the screen through.

When joining the parts together, do not over tighten the screws because the frame is aluminum and the screws will strip out the holes.

Product Description and Specifications

The product measures 48 inchesx24 inches x24 inches and weighs 11.3 pounds.

Key Features

  • Bottom door for easy substrate removal.
  • The bottom is large for the water bowl, moss, vines and warm bowl.
  • Features a lift up door foe easier cleaning.
  • Bottom door swings outward.
  • Plastic bottom.
  • Materials provided are suitable for wet conditions.
  • Comes with screws to help attach parts.
Pros Cons
Easy to assemble with the help of a screw driver. Due to the fact that the cage is lightweight, it is quite wobbly.
Large front door for easy cage access. The guide letters are not aligned correctly.
Corrosion resistant, anodized aluminum screen cage. The netting of the cage is quite fragile.
The cage is lightweight such that you can move around with it. The manufacturer does not provide replacement panels.
The product is easy to put together. Poor packaging when shipping.
Offered at a reasonable price. The screen is not durable if not properly taken care of.
The cage is quite roomy for docile reptiles. The bottom grate separates from the slides during cleaning.
The cage is quite bigger than it appears on the picture. Flimsy screen panels and cheap weak hinges.
Very tall and airy. Lacks hooks or braces to hang accessories.
The screen top holds the light bulbs very nicely.

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  1. Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat for Reptiles

reptile terrariums for saleMost reptiles especially snake and chameleons tend to thrive better in an environment whereby they can be able to move around without any restrictions.

If you wish to host such reptiles in your home, you need to ensure that you get a good habitat that will be suitable for them.

Zilla fresh air screen habitat is a good choice of reptile enclosures if you wish to keep the pets in the outdoor.

One of the things that make this product a favorite is the fact that it has locks that prevent inhabitants from escaping unlike with most ordinary terrariums that do not have strong locks.

However, before you buy this terrarium, it is important that you understand the risks that come with placing it outside.

There are several things that you will have to deal with such as heat buildup even in the shade which could cause death of the inhabitants, water can flood the terrarium and it may result to death of the reptiles or cause the parts to rust.

The terrarium can also get knocked over whether by wind or animals and this could affect the reptiles.

Product description and Specifications

The product measures 18x12x20 inches and weighs 5.3 pounds.

Key Features

  • Tough black mesh that jaws will not rip and claws will not scratch.
  • PVC plastic bottoms to make cleaning easier.
  • Two locks that prevents inhabitants from escaping.
  • Hinged door that allow easy access.
  • Features a cord port for convenient wiring of power accessories.
  • Aluminum frame.
Pros Cons
The cage is quite sturdy. No bottom trap door to clean the floor.
Easy to assemble. It does not have a removable bottom tray.
Offered at a reasonable cost. The screen rips off quite easily.
Instructions are very easy to understand. It is somehow difficult to clean when soiled.
Well ventilated for air flow. Poor packaging of the product.
The cage is just as described in terms of dimensions and features.  
Strong screen mesh.  
It is lightweight making it easy to move around with.  
Plenty of room to attach decorations  
Offers freedom of movement to the reptiles.  

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  1. Exo Terra High Glass Terrarium

snake terrarium kitYou are probably used to horizontal terrariums but if you ever wished for terrarium that was vertically long, there is hope.

Exo Terra high glass terrarium is one of the few terrariums in the market that are designed to suit a reptile pet owner who prefers vertical length over horizontal.

The good thing about a vertical terrarium is the fact that you can be able to plant different plants such as orchid and pitcher.

Another reason why you should consider having this as a chameleon cage is the fact that the inhabitant will have enough space for climbing.

However, before you buy, it is important that you ascertain what reptile you wish to host in the terrarium because it might not be suitable for some.

Having the same great features just as other Exo Terra terrariums; it is also quite big for wall and branch climbing.

On the downside, the frames and hinges of this product are quite weak so ensure that you handle the parts with caution when assembling.

The product is also not suitable for reptiles that tend to grow very long.

Product Description and Specifications

Exo Terra High glass terrarium measures 18x36x36 inches and weighs 97.6 pounds.

Key Features

  • The product has feet that allow for trouble-free mounting of under-tank heater.
  • Patented front window ventilation.
  • Dual doors for escape-free access.
  • Closable inlets for wires and tubing management.
  • Raised bottom frame in order to fit the substrate heater.
  • Waterproof bottom.
  • Front opening doors that allow access for maintenance and feeding.
  • Designed lock to prevent escape.
  • Five closable wire or tube inlets at the back of the screen cover.
  • Natural background is in the same color like all other Exo Terra decoration items.
Pros Cons
Looks great when all set up. The Styrofoam sheds if the reptile is a climber.
Quite big for wall and branch climbing. The frame and the hinges are thin plastic.
The front glass door makes it easy the feeding and cleaning. The top of the enclosure and locking mechanism is quite flimsy.
Great ventilation for air flow. It is quite heavy so ensure that you have someone help you to lift it and place it where you need it to be.
Offered at a reasonable price although it might seem to be on the higher end if you are on a budget. Not suitable for reptiles with high humidity needs as the gaps between the closed doors allow humidity to escape.
Have some slots at the top screen that allow wires and tubing, such as for her misting device.  
The height is great for hanging plants such as pitcher and orchid plants.  
Keeps humidity and warmth inside.  
Proper packaging when shipping.  
It does not leak.  

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  1. Zilla 13288 Deluxe Critter Cage 

snake enclosuresThe manufacturer of this product describes it as a product that is very easy to assemble and maintain.

Although there is no much information given on the box, the product is easy to figure out that many other terrarium brands available for sale.

Assembling this cage was such as easy task and one could comfortably do it without having to follow the instructions.

However, this is a product that is quite unpopular among pet owners and it could be attributed to the price which most find to be quite high.

Apart from the fact that it is easy to assemble, the metal wires are quite strong and do not bend easily making it a durable product.

The cage also provides a very convenient feeding hatch for your pet so you do not have to open the top to do that.

However, we did not like the fact that the product is quite costly which means that you have to be very careful when ordering and hope that it will not arrive in bad status because the returning cost is just as expensive.

Keep in mind that this cage is for small reptiles and it is best that you have a definite idea of the reptiles that you intend to keep in the cage.

Product Description and Specification

The product measures 36x18x16 and weighs 6.8 pounds.

Key Features

  • Manufactured in the United States.
  • Convenient feeding hatch.
  • Versatile cage.
Pros Cons
Easy to clean. No “fragile” alert on the box.
Easy assembly with pre-drilled holes. Quite pricy.
Sturdy and durable metal wire that does not bend easily. The cage is quite heavy to move around with.
Lower removing sliding grate for easier cleaning.
The screen cover slides in so it cannot be knocked off.
The feeder hole is perfect for someone with snakes.
The cage is versatile such that it can be used for other animals.

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  1. Zilla 28015 15 Gallon Critter Cage

reptile tankAlthough many people do not identify themselves with this reptile cage, it is a great product that is worth considering when shopping for a reptile terrarium.

One of the major problems that most reptile owners encounter is the pets being able to open up the lids which become their escape route.

However, with this product, the lid happens to be well sealed so you will not have to deal with such a thing.

Another good reason why you ought to check out this cage is the fact that the dimensions given are perfect enabling you to have a good idea of the right reptile to have in there.

However, you might need to check the availability of the product both online and in the local stores because it is not as easy to find as most ordinary terrariums.

Product Description and Specifications

The product measures 24.3×12.8×12.5 inches and weighs 16 pounds.

Key Features

  • Escape resistant top.
  • Self- aligning frame that opens and closes with a smooth slide every time.
  • Built in lockable latch.
  • Recessed hanging space for water bottles.
  • Features wiring ports to neatly channel heater cords.
  • Premium sliding metal top.
Pros Cons
Aesthetically appealing Poor packaging of the product.
The dimensions are perfect. The cage is quite hard to find.
There is a heat mat under the tank for heating.  
The cage is quite spacious.  
Nice clear glass with a top that locks in place with two clamps like things.  
Proper sealing for insulation.  

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Once you have your reptile terrarium, the next step is ensuring that you clean and maintain it well so that it serves you for a long period.

Reptiles are quite susceptible to skin and bacterial infections and it is therefore important that you keep the cages and terrariums scrupulously clean.

To clean the reptile terrariums, some of the important tools that you will need include brushes, buckets, and herp safe terrarium cleaner, rubber gloves, dishwashing detergent, sponges and putty knives.

Cleaning Schedule

To ensure that the cages remain clean all the time, you will need to observe daily, weekly and monthly cleaning.

  • Daily cleaning involves removing of uneaten food, spills, shed skin, urine and feces.

It also involves cleaning and disinfecting of the water dishes and bowls.

  • Weekly cleaning involves disinfecting the cage, substrate and decorations.

Monthly cleaning of the terrarium involves:

  • Thorough cleaning of all the parts of the terrarium and replacing any of broken part to avoid any unforeseeable damages.

After cleaning, ensure that you use a disinfectant and rinse the cage and accessories with some hot water until all the residues are removed.

  • Allow the cage and the accessories to dry before you reassembling to reduce the possibility of molds which could affect the health of your pet.

Apart from cleaning your pet’s terrarium, it is also important that you watch out for its health. If you notice any abnormally, take action before it is too late.