Best Bird Cages – 2017 Buyer’s Guide

Best bird cages

Whether you are considering buying your home at the moment or in the near future, there are factors that you are putting into consideration.

The size of the house, material used, safety features and styles top the list of what your dream house would look like.

Now that your bird needs a new home, you need to consider the same factors to ensure that you bring home the best bird cage that your bird will enjoy.

Keep in mind that birds are meant to fly so ensure that you go for the best bird cage that gives them a chance to flap their wings around without getting trapped.

Before you buy a bird cage, there are some safety tips that you need to look out for to protect your bird.

Some of the safety tips include:

  • Heavy metal poisoning: You need to ensure that all parts are made of stainless steel or iron.Toys that contain lead as one of the ingredients are dangerous to the birds and may result to death after sometime.
  • Inspect toys for hazardous wear and tear: when you order for a cage, it is important that you check the toys to ensure that they are okay before use.

You also need to keep checking them and replace if you notice any hazardous wear and tear.

There are many bird cages available for sale today and they come in different sizes, features and prices so it is important that you have an idea of what kind of a bird cage you want.

If you are wondering what bird cage to buy, here are some of the best and most sought after bird cages in the market:

Bird Cage Rating out of the possible 5
Mcage bird cage 4.5
Prevue pet products flight cage, white. 4.4
Sheer Guard Bird Cage 4.4
Vision bird cage model M02-Medium 4.4
Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage 4.2
Best choice products new large play top bird cage 4.1
Canary parakeet cockatiel lovebird finch bird cages 3.9
Bird Parrot cage 3.9
Yescom large parrot bird flight finch cage 3.7
Perky –pet 50301 wren home cedar bird house 3.6


  1. Mcage* Bird Cage

best bird cagesMost people think that for you to get a high quality bird cage, you will have to part with some pretty large sum of money.

However, you will be amazed to know that Mcage is one of the best bird cages in the market yet very well priced.

Although it is quite big in size, this product is best suitable for birds that are small in size such as canaries parakeets and finches.

You will love the fact that it has extra-large bottom shelf that you can use to store the birds’ food or toys.

If you are keeping birds such as budgies, it is recommended that you do not keep more than ten to give the birds enough space to fly about the cage.

As they say, nothing is all perfect and this applies to the product because we did not like the fact that the bottom grate gets stuck making it scrap off some paints as you move it from one place to another.

Product Description and Specifications

The cage dimension are 30 5/6”L x 18 5/8” x 36 5/8” H.

The overall measurements are: 32-inch long, 19-inch wide, 64-inch high with ½ inch wire spacing.

The cage is 32-inch long, 19-inch wide and 37-inches high.

The package is inclusive of 2 platforms, 2 ladders, 4 plastic feeding cups and 4 small wooden dowel perches.

Key Features

  • Durable wrought iron frame with improved metal safety lock.
  • The cage has a bottom shelf that you can store food and toys for the bird.
  • The cage comes with almost all the accessories that you need to get started.
  • The product is sturdy, big and quite durable.
  • It features four feeding doors on the front and a small door on either side.
  • Cage can be easily removed from the stand.
Pros Cons
The main door opens horizontally and quite widely to make it easier for you to place food.

However, this can also be an easy escape for your bird so be cautious when feeding them.

The stand is quite flimsy.
Easy to wheel around and does not leave marks on the floor. The product needs to have more padding when shipping to avoid breakages of some parts.
Quite easy to assemble even without following the instruction guide. The bar spacing of this cage is variable and not ½ as the manufacturer claims.
The product is very well priced as compared to many other bird cages with almost similar features. The grate at the bottom gets stuck on one side making it scrap off some paints which may result to rusting after some time.
The cage is nice and roomy and can host up to 10 budgies. The cage is not recommendable for large birds as the wires are fairly thin.
Comes in a great size.

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  1. Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage

Large bird cagesIf you are looking to buy a large flight cage for your birds, you ought to consider this product.

The cage is one of the most sought after because it very spaciousness giving your birds an awesome flight experience.

It is also designed in a way that it the birds can fly horizontally without the flinches getting caught in between the wires.

However, one of the things that we did not like about this cage is the fact that the construction is quite flimsy and it might collapse on its own weight especially if you place more than three small toys on the wires.

To make cleaning of the cage easier, you can order for a seed skirt such as sheer guard bird cage skirt.

Product Description and Specifications

The product dimensions are 18 inches x 18 inches x30 inches and weighs 9 pounds.

The cage is, 18-inch long, 30- inch long, 18-inch wide with 3/8 inch wire spacing.

The package comes with 2 plastic bowls and 2 wood perches.

Key Features

  • The cage is simple, but sturdy.
  • Pretty built with lots of space.
  • Comes with accessories such as food bowls
  • Features two carrying handles on the side.
  • Features three small push up doors in the front, one of which is within a larger push up door which can be propped open.
  • The seeds and water cups are generously sized and can be easily accessed from outside of the cage.
  • Spring-loaded panel on one side of the cage that make it easier for you to give the birds’ cuttlebone to peck at.
  •  Has a design that makes it possible for the birds to fly horizontally.
Pros Cons
The cage come in a good size for the price and the length is long enough that the birds can get away from each other if need be. The construction of the cage is quite flimsy as it tends to collapse under its own weight.
The wire spacing is wide enough to enable the birds feet grip onto yet narrow enough to prevent them from getting hurt. The food/water location is quite close to the ground limiting where to put perches.
It has four doors making it easy to access the birds. It is aesthetically unappealing.
Comes with accessories such as feeding dishes. Does not have rollers so it is quite a task to move it around.
The tray is sturdy and a good depth to keep the birds’ messes inside. The door is a guillotine type that slides up and down.
The cage is very easy to clean. The bars of this cage are vertical making it difficult to position perches and toys that would fasten easier to horizontal bars.
The cage is spacious enough for the birds to fly freely especially if you have a few birds in. The cage is a little easy to bend and may not last for a long period especially if you hang many toys on it.
The slide out tray is great and easy to pull out when cleaning. The wire over the tray is not removable during cleaning.
The product is quite affordable. The tray can slide out when moving the cage.
No paint chipping or rusting.  

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  1. Sheer Guard Bird Cage Skirt

 Bird cagesWhen looking for a bird cage, you wish to have one that you can be able to see the birds as they feed or roam about the cage.

If this has been your wish, you need to check out sheer guard bird cage skirt as it works perfectly to ensure that you have a nice view of the birds.

One of the things that you will love about this product is the fact that it is a great height thus giving the birds enough space to fly around the cage.

The cage is also fitted with a seed guard to prevent food and feathers falling on the floor which would result to a messy area.

However, this is not all about this product.

There are some things that you will not like the fact you might experience some sliding of the cage.

Product description and specifications

This Super Large is approximately 12″ high and 70″ to 108″ in circumference.

Key Features

  • Available in seven different colors.
  • Quality elastic at the bottom and top for best fitting.
  • Transparent enough to enable you see the bird.
  • Comes with a seed guard.
Pros Cons
Available in seven different colors. You might experience some sliding of the cage.
The cage is snug enough to prevent seeds from leaking out of folds. Removal for cleaning the mesh can be a little messy.
Decent color and quality The elastic stretches so easily that it does not hold the seed very well.
Great seed guard.
The cage is tall enough to give the birds enough space for flying.
Very easy to install.
Aesthetically appealing.
Long lasting.

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  1. Vision Bird Cage Model M02-Medium

bird cageVision bird cage is not your ordinary cage.

The bird cage is well designed to ensure that you do not have to deal with seed debris or waste that might fall on the floor or outside the cage due to the movement of air currents.

The vision cages have a combination of debris guard, deep base and water/food cups that help to fight air currents that may blow dirt to the inside of the cage.

The best thing about this cage is that you will experience little if any dirt outside the cage and the floor.

However, the birds have to eat from the bottom which might be a disappointment to birds that are used to eating from the top.

The cage is best suitable for birds such as budgies, canaries, lovebirds and finches.

Product description and specifications

The cage is 16 inches tall by 25 inches wide and 34 inches high.

Key Features

  • Features a clear plastic lower panel that helps to contain the messes.
  • Have two double doors that provide versatility and large access.
  • Covered food/water bowls to ensure that they do not get dirty.
  • Comes with 4 plastic perches that have a tapering diameter, 2 food/water trays and two plastic covers to protect the food trays from the poop.
  • Features a horizontal design that enables the birds to climb cage wall with ease.
  • Has a double decker design at the front cage entrances.
  • Has a clear plastic that allows you to see the bird even when sitting on the bottom of the cage.
Pros Cons
The cage is even bigger than it appears in the pictures. The assembly instructions are quite basic and may take a first timer buyer some time to figure it out.
Cleaning is pretty easy although you have to lift the entire cage off its tray like base. Does not come with a cleaning tray.
You do not require any tools or metal fasteners required to assemble the parts. It is made in a way that it is difficult to place paper in the bottom easily.
The doors latch securely ensuring that birds do not escape. The plastic part at the bottom, while ensuring that seeds and feathers do not fall on the floor, make it a rather long jump for the birds to get down for food and water.
Available at an affordable price. The sides do not come together in a flush fashion and you have to clip them with the provided clips making it not as straight as in the photo.
The product is aesthetically appealing. The cage does not hang.
It is tall enough with a great play space for the birds. The hinges that lock the cage together are not as strong and you might need to use tie wraps to reinforce the locks.
The product is sturdy and made of high quality material It is quite narrow from the front to the back.
There is almost zero mess outside the cage and on the floor. It is quite a challenge to find add on items that will fit through the narrow horizontal bars.
You can clean the feeder without having to stick your hand into the cage and bother the bird.  
The wires are thin such that other pets such as cats cannot fit paws through the space between wires.  

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  1. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Best bird cagesIf you are looking for a home for your parakeets, canaries and finches, you should consider this bird cage.

The cage is large, well made and sturdy to give your pets an awesome stay.

You will note that we did not include any bird that is larger than parrotlets in the list of the birds that can live in this kind of cage.

This is because the product is best designed for small birds although small birds such as cockatiels tend to enjoy being in a less high cage.

The bird cage comes with some few accessories that you will need before you purchase others.

One of the things that will amaze you about this product is the fact that it is spacious and even features a bottom shelf for additional space.

However, you will not like the fact that the doors on the sides do not latch and if you do not do something about it, the birds may fly away or might be pulled out by other pets such as dogs and cats.

Cleaning the grills every day can be a tedious task.

You can line it with some newspapers so that it is the only thing you get to change every day.

Product Description and Specifications

The product measures 31 by 20.5 by 53 inches and weighs 19 pounds.

The items included in the packaging are:

  • Four plastic double cups.
  • Three wood perches.
  • Assembly instructions guide.

Key Features

  • Durable wrought iron-however, the bird does not withstand too much pressure so be careful on the types of birds that you keep in.
  • Comes with four food bowls and three woods perches.
  • Has two large doors at the front.
  • Additional storage space at the bottom.
  • Stands on a rolling coaster to make it easy to push from one room to another.
  • The bird cage is 60 inches high.
  • The pan is sturdy plastic and easy to clean.
  • The cage features 6 spring loaded doors, 2 on each side of the upper section and one on each side of the lower section.

The side doors of the cage do not latch closed and the birds can push the doors out and fly.Ensure that you zip tie the doors or use clothespin to prevent our pets from flying out.

Pros Cons
The product is offered at quite an affordable price. Aesthetically unappealing as it is uneven in many places and leaves some weird gaps.
The cage is about 60 inches tall making it possible for you to know if the bird is okay or not because it is unlikely for the bird to remain on the ground when okay.  The top grate is not strong and the bars are quite flimsy.
The product has an extra-large rack at the bottom that you can store food and toys. The side doors of the cage are not secure and hold weakly.
Although the wheels of the cage are casters, they roll nicely without leaving marks on a wooden floor. Terrible assembling instructions as the writings are hard to read and there is no labeling.
The cage comes with some accessories such as food bowls and perches. If the silver tone is one of the reasons why you are considering buying this product, note that it disappears when the bird droppings fall on it.
Quite sturdy after assembling.

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  1. Best Choice Products New Large Play Top Bird Cage

 Bird cages for saleIf you are considering buying a large bird cage for your Quakers or any other big bird, you cannot afford to miss checking out this product.

New large play top bird cage is rated as one of the largest bird cages available for sale yet offered at a very good price.

There are many things that you will love about this cage once it gets home but there are also some things that you will not like about it.

One of the biggest challenges we faced is that as much as the assembling instructions are included, it is not easy to comprehend since they are quite basic.

Take time to check out the photos before you start joining the parts together.

The seed guard is quite big so ensure that you do not fix it inside a room with a narrow door.

Product description and specifications

The dimensions of the cage are 24” x22” x 37-1/2”.

The bar spacing is ¾”.

Key Features

  • Non-toxic coated finish.
  • 1 interior long wooden perch for resting.
  • Best suitable for large birds.
  • Sliding side panes that are easy and fast to get it all together.
  • Has a security lock that opens and closes the cage.
  • The bird cage is huge and has a play gym on top.
  • It is 66 inches high.
  • Texture coated horizontal bars to give an illusion of a tree.
  • The birds can hang upside by one claw as the cage features a wire top under the play gym.
  • Interior is designed with a perch, 3 stainless steel bowls and two sliding metal trays.
  • Has a seed catcher and pull out trays to make cleaning easier.
  • Comes with four wheels of which two has locks to prevent it from rolling.
Pros Cons
The cage is much bigger than it appears in the pictures. The mottled black finish might flake off when putting it together and this could be poisonous to birds that are cage chewers.
The package comes with an extra screw and nut. The feeders are very deep for the birds so you might consider getting feeders that are much shallow.
The bird cage is durable and easy to clean.  You might encounter small and delicate parts that are bent due to poor padding while shipping.
Offers plenty space for the birds to stretch their wings without damaging the feathers. The seed guard skirt is not secured in place and slips a bit when cleaning.
The cage is quite roomy especially if you have just two cockatiels in it. There is a space between the seed guard and bottom tray that other pets such as dogs can get their heads there and feed on the seeds.
The drawers slide in and out easily for cleaning.  
Available at quite an affordable price  
Although the cage is quite heavy, it moves very easily.  
The two perches are sizeable for big birds.  

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  1. Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Lovebird Finch Bird Cages

Decorative bird cagesIf you have had parakeets as pets before, you know that they love flying around and hence you need to buy a tall cage.

While there are many tall cages available for sale, one of the best is Canary parakeet cage as it tall enough to give your parakeet enough space to fly around.

There are many things to like about this product and one of the reasons is the fact that it features a storage at the bottom where you can be able to keep the birds’ toys and food.

Another reason why you might consider this cage is the fact that it has caster that roll in all directions making it very easy to move.

However, you might not like the fact that the top of the cage does not seal completely.

Product Description and Specifications

The cage measures 18’ L x 14” D x35 H while the bar spacing is 3/8.

The package consists of 4 perches, 4 feeder doors with cups, pull out plastic tray and removable bottom grate.

Key Features

  • The cage has a bottom storage area for bird supplies.
  • Have wheels to ease movement.
  • Comes with four food/water cups.
  • Includes a swing.
  • One extra screw/nut provided.
  • Removable stand with caster.
Pros Cons
Very sturdy and nice looking. Does not include instructions.
Easy to clean. The bottom shelf grate does not look like the picture.
The large door can open freely to let birds in and out of the cage. Top of the cage does not seal completely.
Tall cage that is ideal for parakeets to climb up and down.  
Casters roll in all directions  
Very easy to put together.  

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  1. Bird Parrot Cage Cockatiel Amazon African Grey Calque Conure

Parrot bird cagesAs the name suggests, this bird cage is suitable for birds such as cockatiel, amazon, African grey, calque and conure.

If you are on a tight budget, you ought to consider this bird cage because it is well priced yet it offers many benefits to your birds.

One great thing about this product is the fact that it is very spacious and well designed so you can even make it a center piece in your house.

However, if you have trouble assembling things, you will not enjoy the task of putting the parts together.

The cage does not come with a pictorial instruction guide on how to fix the parts and you have to try to figure it out by reading what we considered to be a confusing guide.

To make the process easier, we recommend that you have someone help you to fix the parts.

You also need to ensure that you have a pair of pliers to fasten the screws.

Product Description and Specifications

The overall cage with stand dimensions are 20 x 20 x 65” H.

The measurements of the cage are 20 x 20 x 38”H with the roof top closed.

Key Features

  • The front door has a non-toxic powder coated finish.
  • Comes with three wooden perches-two for inside the cage and a shorter one for the top.
  • The cage come accompanied by two food bowls.
  • The main door is both big and wide.
  • Very beautiful, large cage.
  • The cage is roomy enough to allow birds to fly about it.
  • Has a tray in the bottom that you can slide out when cleaning without having to disturb the bird.
  • The cage has a window on the front door that slides up and a little piece on the bottom to prevent the try from being pushed out.
  • The cage is aesthetically appealing.
  • Lightweight and easy to move from one place to another.
Pros Cons
It is easy to assemble although we wish that the manufacturer provided a better picture of the cage. As much as it is easy to assemble, the instructions are quite basic.
The product is offered at a good price. Not suitable for large birds.
The cage is pretty and a great size for birds such as cockatiel and Quakers. The stand and cage are quite flimsy so ensure that you do not place it somewhere that it can be easily knocked over by cats or dogs.
Very easy to clean. It is not durable if you do not take proper care of the cage which is obvious to any item.
The doors open wide making it possible to access the birds no matter where they are. You might experience some bent parts because it is not well padded for shipping.
The cage is very spacious giving you room to place even some toys. The curved upper portion might make hanging toys a little more difficult but it becomes an easy task once you figure it out.
The wheels make it easy to move around the house.  
Good storage space for food.  
The cage comes in great shape and colors.  

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  1. Yescom Large Parrot Bird Flight Finch Cage

Decorative bird cagesBird love to play and they will thank you if you gift them a cage that gives them an opportunity to have great fun and play.

If you are in search of something intriguing that the birds will enjoy living in, Yescom is a cage that you should consider.

The top play space is one of the reasons that make it one of the best bid cages for sale.

The cage has some looping ladders and toy hooks to keep the birds engaged.

What we really loved about the cage other than the top place where birds play from is the fact that it comes with all the necessary accessories yet it is offered at such an affordable price.

On the downside, the cage is not well padded for shipping and you might encounter some bent or broken parts.

Product Description and Specifications

The overall measurements of the cage are 39-5/6” W x 30-4/5”D x 88-1/5” H.

The measurements of the cage are 32”W x 23” D x 39” H.

The bar spacing is approximately 2 centimeters.

The package content includes:

  • 1 cage main frame.
  • 1x free toy for gift.
  • 5x ladders.
  • 1x metal hook.
  • 4x perches.
  • 1x manual
  • 2x metal trays.
  • 5x stainless steel bowls.
  • 1x removable grate.

Key Features

  • Features an open top play area with a free toy, feeding bowls, perches and ladders.
  • Power coated wires to reinforce it as rust resistant and non-irritant.
  • Comes with some feeding cups.
  • Three locking feeder doors for fast feeding.
  • Rectangular tubes constructed main frame to make it steadier.
  • A strong metal bar that cannot be bent even by strong birds such as parrots is also part of the package.
  • Tall stand for higher cage situation.
  • An interior wooden perch is included to enable the bird exercise more.
  • A spare wooden perch is included in the package.
  • Mesh hurdle structure that help prevent the birds from escaping
Pros Cons
Offered at an affordable price. The cage is quite flimsy and you might receive bent parts due to poor padding.
Plenty of room for the bird to play. The cage cannot be wheeled around.
Pretty easy to use. Directions on how to assemble the parts are quite confusing.
The bar spacing is perfect even for birds with big feet. Issues with chipping paint.
The flip lock closes securely.  
The lower removable grate makes cleaning easier.  
The flip lock comes in handy as it helps to secure closure and for easy access.  
Comes with accessories that make bird keeping easier.  

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  1. Perky –Pet 50301 Wren Home Cedar Bird House

Modern birdcagesHave you ever been wondering on ways to spice up your garden or lawn and make it a point of discussion to every guest that visits your home?

As a bird lover, one of the best ways to do that is by hanging a bird house on the tress in your garden.

Perky- pet 50301 is an amazing and decorative bird house that is available at an affordable price and you will love it even more at your garden.

The fact that it is a cheap bird house, you can keep as many as you can afford and depending with the number of wrens in your hood.

When you bring the bird house home, you will note that the entry hole is quite big so you might need to reduce it to avoid birds such as sparrows from invading the cage.

It is important that you take note that the package does not include the bird that is shown atop the bird house in the pictures.

Product Description and Specifications

The dimensions of the bird house are 7L x 8W x 6.5 H inches.

The shipping weight is 1.25 pounds.

Key Features

  • Made of wonderful cedar.
  • Features a very unique style.
  • Features a gap between the wall and roof for ventilation purposes.
  • Features a gap on the floor as a passage for water.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Adequate ventilation.
Pros Cons
The bird house comes in a good design at an affordable price. The dimensions of the bird house are misleading.

The actual size is 6.5”L x 6.75”W x 7.5 H

It is aromatic cedar wood. The entry hole is quite big for a wren bird and other birds such as sparrows will want to take residence first.
The roof can easily be removed making it easy to clean. The rope attached for hanging does not prevent a predator from lifting it.
The bird house can be hanged. Ropes used to hold it on a tree branch are attached to bird house using very few staples so you have to find a way of making it more durable.
It is a decorative bird house. The bird house is only suitable for small birds.
The bird house is well built and sturdy.
Possible to re paint it to your liking.

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After buying a cage for your bird, the next step is to ensure that you maintain it well to ensure that it serves you a good service.

The best way to maintain the cage is by ensuring that it is kept clean as dirty cages can result to some health problems.

For daily cleaning, wipe the down surfaces, change the cage liner and clean the food/water dishes.

When it is time for weekly cleaning, ensure that you wash the cage tray, clean the toys, remove and scrub the grate.

Monthly cleaning requires that you scrub the cracks and other parts that you may have not been able to work on during daily and weekly cleaning. 

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